Meet The Team

Meet Our Bicester’s Big Lunch Organising Team

Ivana – Creative Director: I get involved as I make new friends, have lots of fun and I believe it’s important for my children to feel part of their community

Talia – Youth Ambassador:  Being involved in the Big Lunch shows that young people can do good for their community whilst having loads of fun!

Steph – Artistic Director: I’m involved in the Big Lunch to make a positive and supportive contribution to my local community
Jane – Operations Director: I enjoy organising a true community event that brings people together

James – Assistant Event Manager: 

George – Volunteer Coordinator: 

Lucy – Head of Marketing:

Liz – Grants Officer:

Jason – Chairman: Bicester’s Big Lunch would not be possible without the amazing skills and dedication of the organising team and the many local businesses & community organisations that support us.

Sam – Sponsorship Coordinator:

Sean – Schools Liaison: