Bicester’s Big Lunch 2018 Stall Application

By submitting the Stall Application Form you agree to these terms and conditions and any subsequent updates.  The organisers reserve the right to update these terms and conditions when necessary.
Terms and Conditions

  1. OneBicester reserve the right to allocate and locate each stall at the event.
  2. All fees are payable upon confirmation of successful application.
  3. Fees are only refundable if the event is cancelled or under exceptional circumstances which must be notified in writing. A 50% cancellation charge will be deducted for any such notifications before Friday 27th April. Cancellations after this date will be non refundable.
  4. Stallholders are required to provide their own table(s) and gazebo if required (the gazebo should not exceed the standard size of pitch booked).
  5. Charity & Not for Profit Stalls must provide a family-friendly activity which will need to be specified on the application form, please note OneBicester reserve the right to limit activities that are the same e.g. tombola.
  6. Where products/services are sold a pricing structure must be submitted with the application.
  7. No vehicle movement will be allowed on site during the event hours.
  8. Stall hours will be from 12 noon until 17:00.
  9. Stallholders are not permitted to start trading until they have been given the go ahead by the Event Safety Officer, following a Health and Safety Inspection.
  1. Stallholders must keep within the confines of their pitch and must not move any street furniture.
  2. Stallholders must remain at their pitch until the close of the event.
  3. All stalls supplying food must provide recyclable or bio-degradable containers (boxes, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery).  No Polystyrene containers or cups are permitted at the event.
  4. Waste water must be put in containers and not poured on the ground. Stallholders are responsible for keeping their area tidy, including frontage and preparation area. All rubbish should be placed in the appropriate recycling/composting bins/skips. Failure to clean your area or damage caused to your area will result in additional costs.
  5. Disposal of materials such as waste cooking oil, hot barbecue coals and unsold food etc… must be carried out in a manner which does not cause damage to any part of the event site including drain points, refuse points or road surfaces. Damage caused to the highway, road surface, street furniture or drains through incorrect siting of equipment will be the responsibility of the stallholder and any remedial works and their associated costs will be charged to the stallholder.